Finding A Lender

Why is a local lender important?

A local lender can be a huge advantage in this market vs. a big bank or online lender. We can get a hold of them on nights or weekends, they typically have more flexibility for closing, rates, etc., The listing agent can call them and verify info. to get your offer accepted where a big bank is usually closed on weekends, and they can walk you through the process step by step. In a competitive market like Austin a great local lender can be all the difference to getting your loan accepted.

Additional things to know:

You can get pre-approved with as many as you want within 30 days and it counts as one hit on your credit (you will see them all on your credit report though). Some people get scared of this credit hit, it doesn't affect you drastically unless your credit is very low most people don't even notice it. Most people get pre-approved with at least a couple different lenders. You can then see who can give you the best rate. The rate is not the only thing to look at, many have additional fees and closing costs so make sure to ask for your "cash to close statement.

Miguel Piña

Sr. Loan Officer

Louis Drott


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