Option Period


During The Option Period you will want to start by scheduling your Home inspection. If you would like for us to get this scheduled for you, just let me know which of the three you want. We will review the inspector's report when it comes out (usually about 12 hrs after the inspection) and will schedule time to review the results with you following the release of the report. Typically people do go to inspection at least at the end so let me know what your plan is!

Bumblebee Home Inspection
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Super Inspector
Visit Website    (512) 640-9796
The Burrow Team
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Home Insurance Policy

If you do not currently have a home insurance agent, I have several recommendations for you. Please make sure to mention I sent you, and they'll take great care of you. These guys are all brokers so they look through each company for you to find the best rate and do an amazing job.

Home Insurance Brokers:

Cory Brown
Schedule Meeting    (512) 523-4002
Todd West
Visit Website    (512) 790-3006
Stuart Butts
Visit Website    (512) 837-5000

Home Warranty

Completely optional but totally worth it. A home warranty is different from home insurance. A home warranty covers things that happen from wear and tear or just part of owning a home issues that happen. Example: Dryer stops working, AC wont turn on, Refrigerator isn't cooling, Re-key after move in etc. They all have different plans that cover different things so make sure you pick the one that is right for you! These range from $500-$700 a year and then typically a $50-$75 service call when you actually use them.

Here are my top three:

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Need help setting up utilities? It is the seller's responsibility to keep utilities turned on through closing. I recommend calling your utility providers at least 1 week prior to your move-in date to set-up your accounts. Many have waiting periods and this helps ensure you are not without power or water.

360 Home Connect has been amazing with doing almost everything for you. It takes about 15 minutes with them to do everything. And its free!

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